Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Indoor Fun

Brandon and I have been talking lately about whether or not to home school our girls. One of our biggest concerns is the governments role in the education system right now, however we are blessed to live in a very good school district so we have not made any decisions. Also we still have 1-2 years before we have to decide. We do know that Teagan will not attend preschool. So I have been working on a "curriculum" or more like fun activities to get the girls interested in learning and learning at home. The internet has made this so much easier and I can't imagine if I would have tried to do it 20 years ago. My biggest addiction.....Pinterest!!! 

Here is one of the fun activities we have been doing this week........


Even Blakely got involved tonight and obviously LOVED it

So nicely playing and painting together :)......

And then This..........
Yep that's my Harper.....One of a Kind!! :)

I know you may be wondering about the clean up and the mess......
Even the cleaning is fun :)

And it wasn't long Harper cheered right up....I just love those CURLS and SMILE!! 

As you can see it's a Sweet Life in Sowers Home!! 

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