Sunday, December 18, 2011

Church Christmas Programs

I love going to little kids Christmas programs they are so fun to watch and the youngest ones are always so cute up there on stage either singing, dancing, crying, shouting, waving, doesn't matter they are still cute. Since they are so fun I was so excited to watch both Teagan and Harper in their first Christmas program, we invited the grandparents and got new Christmas dresses everything was going to be perfect. I imagined that both my daughters would sit up their and perfectly sing and dance and be cute. 
As It turned out it wasn't as I imagined (Shocking!) but the girls were still pretty darn cute and they did pretty good when they were suppose to be singing and doing the motions however, when it came time to sit and listen they squirmed, they giggled, they pulled cotton off their sheep hats, and they were wrestling and playing games with each other. I sat in the pew trying to get their attention to tell them to behave but both the teachers and I had a hard time to not just laugh at them!! 

My cute little sheep singing Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba

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