Friday, January 27, 2012

Brandon turns the big 30

Last week was really rough we all caught something Brandon started with the flu, then 3 girls with ear infections, and I got strep throat and an ear infection. It was not much fun at all and we all felt miserable. I forgot how bad an ear infection feels....ouch! Luckily we were all feeling well enough to celebrate Brandon's 30th birthday! We had an extra little girl with us that night and it was so fun to watch the girls spoil Brandon and sing Happy Birthday to him. We got out the party hats and all :) Then Saturday we were able to celebrate at Mi Casita with Brandon's family which was also a lot of fun!

The girls and I completed another Pinterest project by making Brandon's gift. It was so cute each girl completed this sentence We Love You Because You........

I personally enjoyed Blakely's answer the best :) 

Happy 30th Birthday Brandon................We Love You!!!!

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