Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Nurses For Africa

A day doesn't go by that I don't think about Africa. I love love to talk to anyone that's willing to listen about my trip to Africa. My girls are starting to talk about it more and more and Teagan asked me tonight if I would bring home a little girl from Africa :) (and oh how I wish I could bring all of them home ). As I sit in my room and I think about how my room is about the size of their house it makes me appreciate what I have but even more I'm excited about the opportunity that I have to serve the people of Zambia. Wow what an amazing thing it is that God has chosen me to be a nurse and to serve others. Brandon and I are both really excited to see how God is going to work in our lives to serve other people. This has become a family adventure and although my family isn't coming with me on this trip to Africa they are a huge support and I hope that we will be able to go together someday soon. Some people dream about taking trips with their kids to Disney World, I dream about taking my kids to Africa. I know not everyone is called to go to Africa and not everyone is as excited about the trip as I am but I really do feel like this is what I'm called to do.

This week I have started to send out letters for help in supporting my trip to Africa. There is no way that I could go on this trip without the support of friends and family. Thank you to everyone who has already supported me financially and through prayer. Please if you would continue to pray and if you feel led to support me either contact me and I can get you the info or I have a previous blog on the foundation and how to send money.

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