Thursday, April 4, 2013

Its been 4ever!

So I haven't blogged in forever so it is hard to know where to even start!!

We are coming out of a very cold and depressing winter but I am certain that things are looking up and the girls and I will be enjoying some 50 degree weather this week!!

I am currently reading The Strong-willed child by Dr. James Dobson. This will be my second time reading it.....wonder how many more times I will read it before the girls are out of the house :) I have highlighted a lot more this time around and I am starting to think the book will be all green by the time I am done! I keep being reminded that I do have a God who is control of my life and my children's lives and that is such a relief.

Teagan will be attending Kindergarten round up in two weeks!! Hard to believe how fast she is growing up. She will go to round up at Timothy Christian and then Brandon and I have a tough decision to make whether we will continue homeschooling or send her to kindergarten. Thier kindergarten is only 3 days a week so it would be a nice transition. However, we have felt a calling to continue to consider homeschooling and feel more led that way at this time. I feel a little bipolar about this decision and never really thought I would even consider homeschooling!  So if you think of it please say a prayer for us to make the best decision for TEAGAN.

Harper turned 4 in March and I was so excited to be out of the trying 3's....what do they call the 4's?? Harper is my "strong willed child" and she continues to amaze me!! I thought I was strong willed but Harper seems to take it to the next level.  I am excited to see how God works in her life and to use her strong will for his glory!! I have faith this will happen eventually and I am praying sooner rather then later :)

Blakely is 2 and is my laid back sensitive child who is pretty easy going and everything is the color blue :) However if she isn't snuggling with me or being held I have to keep a close eye on her because she has been known to leave the house and head for the barn to see the pigs or just to play outside. She likes to climb and explore. Our knives are now on top of the fridge and no candy or sweets can be in reach or she will have spotted it and have it gone. 

Hopefully I will start posting more about our spring adventures!

Better go find Blakely :)


  1. I also have a teagan Kennedy!

  2. Excited for you to be getting back on the blog train! I'm adding you to my "reading list"... :)