Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Enjoying the Sweet spot

This morning we got outside before it got too hot. May 14th and it's close to 100 degrees outside. Didn't we just have snow 10 days ago?? Crazy weather!!!

So today we went to Wilder Park in Allison and I love that park it's the perfect park. It has a pond so you can throw rocks or go fishing,  it has a playground,  it has walking/biking trails, and different games you can play. The girls love it too and there is enough to do that they for sure don't get bored!

It was the perfect morning and then Brandon met us for lunch. It is only about half a mile from his office.  It was one of those days that Brandon would say this is the "sweet spot". It was beautiful out, the girls were getting along, our dog Rudy was enjoying the sun and then......

Harper falls in the pond.

As Harper tells the story she "nearly drowned and Teagan saved her life". Lol it wasn't quite like that.  Although Teagan was a nice big sister and helped her up they were in a spot that the water wouldn't even come up to her knees but she did get pretty wet and fortunately it was warm enough out she dried off quickly.

We still enjoyed the day and now were home trying to stay cool without turning the air on.....because it's May.....and I refuse to turn on my air conditioning in May!! My electric bill needs a break!

Hope everyone else is staying cool and finally able to get outside and enjoy all things fun like flip flops and sun!

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