Friday, November 11, 2011

Teagan got to start dance this fall. Two times a year the parents get to go watch. Teagan was very excited to have us come watch her at dance class and Harper was beyond excited to go watch and wear her ballet shoes too! 

To start it off the day got away from me and I wasn't paying attention to the time so when I realized we needed to be leaving for dance we were running late and I forgot to do Teagan's hair which is suppose to be all pulled back...opps bad parent moment! 

Here is Teagan doing some of her ballet moves.....

Teagan doing her tap dance......

I was impressed by the dance class it does seem like they are learning. I was kind of wondering because every time I ask Teagan what the did the only thing she shows me is the "crab walk". 

As for Teagan I saw a lot of myself in her yesterday. It was like watching a mini me from 25 years ago. For those of you that know me well this may not be such a good thing.....and what my mom would say "Paybacks!!" 
Teagan was the little "Show off" the "class clown" and pretty much hilarious but as a parent it was a little bit embarrassing. The teacher did do a good job going over and talking to Teagan and getting her to straighten up. 

The teacher did tell me that she was only like that because she had an audience and is not normally like that. I sure hope so but Teagan and I did have a little "Chat" on appropriate behavior in the classroom......sure it won't be the last time. 

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