Monday, January 2, 2012

Teagan Kennedy is 4!!

Teagan Kennedy is our New Years baby and she is officially 4! Wow, I know everyone always tells you how quickly it goes by but you just don't expect it. Sometimes however there were days during those "Trying 3's" that I thought 4 was never going to come!!
Teagan had a busy fun filled birthday!! We started celebrating Thursday when Teagan got to go to her first movie, The Muppets. Teagan invited her friend Maleah to join along and we had a great time. It was Mommy, Teagan and Maleah so we had a total girls night filled with pizza, and the movie. I loved just sitting back and listen to two 4 year olds talk about the sparkles on the shirts, that their favorite colors are rainbow and purple, and the gifts they got for Christmas. We just love Maleah she is so sweet and Teagan and her just get a long so well.

Teagan all ready for her night out.......She dressed herself and I put a little makeup on her she was so excited!!

Teagan and Maleah ready to eat at Pizza hut.....aren't they adorable??!!

Then Saturday we got to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa Kennedy and Great Grandma Woehl. The weather was again wonderful and Teagan got to even ride her new bike outside. She had a great day there!!

 Thank goodness Teagan got a Hippo from Great Grandma.....It had to match the one Harper got for Christmas. Teagan and Harper with Margo and Harry :)

Teagan Blowing out her candles.............

And again we had to blow them out when we ate the cake that night too :)

Sunday Teagan's "Real birthday" as she called it, we got to spend with the Sowers family. We enjoyed having Christmas and Teagan's Birthday at Grandma and Grandpa Sowers. 

Teagan opening birthday gifts with the help of her sister and cousins....

Teagan's Birthday present from the Huff Family (Aunt Dana)....

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