Sunday, January 29, 2012

Update on Africa

I have officially got confirmation on dates for my trip to Africa. I will be traveling to Kabwe, Zambia for 12 days from August 16th-August 28th. I'm sure it was a difficult process for the leaders to decide which team members would go on which trip. I think there around 40 nurses going on 4 different trips this summer. I have prayed a lot over the last couple of weeks that I would be selected to be with the group of people and team that God wanted me to be on. When I got confirmation my initial reaction was actually that I was surprised to be going on the last trip for 2012 and that it was going to be that late in August. I probably was even a little disappointed but I was reminded quickly that this is God's plan not mine. Then my next thought was I wonder how that lines up for my work weekend since I work every 3rd weekend I better start planning and asking someone to trade my weekend, so I looked at my schedule and guess what????!! It's perfectly planned around my work weekend and I will not have to trade with anyone because the 2 weekends I will be gone are me weekends off. Wow!! God really did know what he was doing :)  I am very excited to get to know everyone on my team over the next 7 months....Sometimes there are awesome benefits to facebook as I've already been able to meet a couple of team members. 

Another thing people have been asking me about fundraising and how to support me. I received this information today. If you feel lead to support my trip to Africa this is how a donation can be made. 
You can send a check directly to the organization, make check out to: Ten Talents Global Initiatives 
and on the memo line:  Nicole Sowers/Nurses for Africa 
and send it to:
Ten Talents Global Initiatives
PO Box 460472
St. Louis, MO 63146

This is a 501c3 charity for tax deduction purposes. 

If you would like you can also give a check directly to me made out to Ten Talents Global Initiatives and I can send it on, or if you don't worry about the tax deduction you can give me money directly that I will give to the charity to support my trip. 

I am very excited for this awesome opportunity to serve and I will continue to update and will definitely be talking about the trip when I get back :) 

I thank everyone in advance for being supportive whether financially, with prayers, or helping Brandon with the girls while I'm gone! 12 days is going to be a long time to be away yet such a short time for a life changing experience I'm sure. 

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