Monday, February 13, 2012

You might a Mt. Dew aholic when?

You Might just be a Mt. Dewaholic when?

1. You wake up and the first thing you do is grab a Mt. Dew out of the fridge.
2. The last thing you do at night before brushing your teeth is take a drink of Mt. Dew
3. You have to go to the dentist to get your cavities filled (In my defense they were the first 2 ever!!)
4. You think about how much you spend in Mt. Dew a month and it adds up to almost $100
5. You have garbage bags full of empty Mt. Dew bottles in your garage.
6. You can easily still fall asleep after drinking a 20 oz of Mt. Dew
7. You find random empty Mt. Dew bottles around your house because it's your 15 month olds favorite toy.
8. You tried multiple times to quit and you continue to go back to drinking Mt. Dew almost always drinking more then you did before.
9. You get a headache if you go more then 12 hours without caffeine
10. A 4 year old says to there mom "Why does Nicole drink so much pop? It has so much sugar and sugar is not healthy, will you please tell her that mom?" LOL Thanks Maleah :) SO BUSTED!!

Ok so I admit I'm a total Mt. Dewaholic and I sooooo wish I could quit. I wish that I could just drink water but it is just not the same. While I think I might get a little kick from Mt. Dew in the morning to start my day I know I am way more tired then if I would just eat healthier and drink as much water as I do Mt. Dew.
As a nurse I strive to help people make better choices for their lives, such as smoking. I can tell you that I have several patients come in that wear oxygen, or have lung cancer, or COPD but they don't stop smoking. We consider these patients "Non-compliant" and their health continues to deteriorate all because they are addicted to smoking. I have never smoked in a large part thanks to my Grandpa Kennedy who smoked like a chimney and I couldn't stand being in their house because of the smell, but I do know that most people that smoke don't continue to smoke because they want to, they smoke because they can't handle the side effects that come along with quitting. And Yes I am certain it is much easier to quit drinking Mt. Dew then it is to quit smoking and that is why I'm going to quit!!

Some reasons Mt. Dew is seriously bad for you: Cavities, Mood swings, insomnia, weight gain, risk for diabetes, cost, can cause heart problems and GI problems, and I'm sure many more then I've listed here.

As I write this I just finished my last drink of Mt. Dew that I had in our fridge, I'm going to try not to buy another one tonight when we go out to eat, but since it's my last night of Mt. Dew I might have to go on a binge :)
So whats my plan and why tonight?
Well I'm having a tonsillectomy tomorrow, Mt. dew going down a raw throat just doesn't sound all that appealing, I will be on pain medication so hopefully this will help decrease the headaches, and I have a plan for where the extra $$ is going.
Plus Brandon has made some jokes about what will I do while I'm in Africa for 12 days without Mt. Dew......Problem Solved I'm quitting :)
The last couple days I've been reading the book Kisses from Katie which is an amazing book that I think everyone should read. Katie is a 22 year old girl that has given her life to serve God, at 18 she decided to not go to college and Moved to Uganda and has since adopted 13 little girls and has a ministry to serve a lot more kids then that. The ministry is really amazing and what I love so much about it is she provides these children with basic needs that were not being met and an education so these kids can learn to be able to provide for themselves. I think one of the most frustrating things to me is I see so many people in the United States that rely on the government and don't strive to better themselves. So first my money will be going towards my trip to Africa to serve, and after that I want to give my money to Katie's Ministry called Amazima.

Now that I'm finishing this I'm on Day 4 and missing the taste of a good ol' mt.dew and I have a slight headache but I continue on with my mission to give up Mt. Dew for my health and to help others :)

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