Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 2 of the 7 experiement

Ok so its day 2 and you would think well it's only been 2 days not to hard right?? Wrong!!! Seriously the last 2 days have kind of sucked I'm retraining my mind to not just open the fridge and grab those fresh grapes I have washed and ready to snack on whenever, or little stuff I didn't realize I did that much like finishing my kids left overs or licking my finger when pouring the applesauce into there bowl and some spills. And then on top of that I've had to work the last 2 evenings, Monday wasn't too bad I didn't have time for a bathroom break let alone think about sticking food in my mouth....but I did want a Mt. Dew to sip on yep still missing that Mt. Dew I gave up 3 weeks ago. Today I thought about food all day when I ate my apple all I could think about how it would be better with peanut butter and I should have considered peanut butter as one of my foods but its too late now, then at work we have a popcorn machine in our break room and everyone was eating there fresh popcorn oh how it smelled so good, then the worst thing possible is I had to stop at the grocery store on my way home to grab some more avocados (Which evidently is all 3 of my girls favorite food) and all the possibilities in the grocery store....the cupcake sale, the fresh baked cookies, the candy bars in the check out line, even the bunny grahams I bought for my girls.........AHHHH wonder what April is going to look like I hope by then I will have made some habit changes and I wont just go on a binge buying a whole bunch of junk food and consuming so much to make myself sick.
Well I could spend all this time thinking about the foods I should have chosen but what a waste of my time and energy!! Time to put that energy to good use and see what God's plan is for this experiment. I will tell you a few things I have learned already in 2 days.....I've become really good at combining these 7 foods and making some stuff I would have never put together. When your hungry Avocado, Whole Wheat bread, and egg actually taste really pretty good, and mashed up Avocado and chicken really YUMMY!!! I used to be a pretty picky eater so trying all these new concoctions (sp?) is really good for me.

Now enough about the experiment and on to why I really blog my 3 beautiful girls!! We had some exciting and funny stuff today.
1. Blakely is starting to use the potty....yes I'm crazy but hey the less diapers I buy the more money I save. She peed on the potty for me 4 times this morning and pooped once before day care!! YAY!!! She has even started to sign potty. :) Pretty good for 15 months.

2. Teagan and Harper are both really into die and kill right now, I know that part of it is we live on a farm another part is there age but still it really bothers me how they talk about it.(And unfortunately I think they know it bothers me, which makes them do it all the more) Anyways today they were dancing around the room singing "I wish to die for my birthday, die for my birthday" which resulted in me saying something like "girls now I really don't want you to use that and it makes me sad because I don't want you to die" so they stopped and I went on to put a load of laundry in the washer as I'm getting ready to come back to the living room I hear them singing again only this time it was "I want to meet Jesus for my birthday, I want to meet Jesus". SO WHAT IN THE WORLD DO YOU SAY TO THAT???? I love that they understand that you get to meet Jesus when they die and I love that they want to meet Jesus but I would just prefer it not be in heaven for a very very long time. Wow they are sooo much smarter then me!!!
It was kind of cute and kind of funny but it really got me thinking.......One thing I have had a huge conviction and guilt about is God gave me 3 beautiful little blessings and I have had a really hard time with thinking someday I might have to give one of them back to him and it really just hurts, makes may heart sad to even think about and while I know it is all God's plan and timing I know I would be angry and that I wouldn't be ok with it. I'm crying just sitting here even typing this but I wonder if today was God saying your girls know me, your teaching them about me, and when I call them home there going to be ok, there in my hands, and God's hands are so much bigger then mine!!

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