Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 4 of Seven experiment

Day 4 food is starting to taste blah! Need to come up with another way to mix my 7 foods. Here are my 7 foods: Spinach, Avocados, Whole Wheat Bread, Apples, Eggs, Red Bell Peppers, and Chicken. So heres the challenge if you read this I want you to come up with a good recipe so I can try it can only use these 7 foods and include salt, pepper, and olive oil thats it nothing else! So please Send me your ideas I have 3 and 1/2 more weeks of this!!

Funny Story:

Brandon: I could go for an Ice cold Coke
Me: I would love a whole sleeve of thin mints!!
Teagan: Why in the world would you eat coats and sleeves??? Those are things you wear not eat!!


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