Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day 6 of 7 foods

Yesterday I didn't blog or post anything which was probably a benefit to us all. I was a total grouch!! I think its the lack caffeine, cookies, and only being able to drink water. Thank goodness for my good friend Marissa and My husband who both reminded me of the reason were doing this experiment. I woke up in a much better mood!!

This morning I had the privilage of going to the Grundy County Convention for the republican party. There they served all kinds of refershments and pastries that looked oohh so good but I was good and grabed a bottle of water, chewed my gum, and enjoyed some entertainment....yes entertainment ever since I became interested in politics which was pretty young I enjoyed going with my Dad to see people speak and I enjoyed being in Government class but the one thing I figured out that no matter what policital event you attend there is always at least one person that seems a little off their rocker!! But hey thats the beauty of living in a country where we have the freedom to speak, and the freedom to vote :)

Then this afternoon I enjoyed the afternoon outside playing with Teagan and Harper and enjoying the weather. It was about 65 degrees and sunny but a little bit windy, the girls really enjoyed playing with the pigs and our dog Bella.

Then tonight Our friends invited us to go to Saturday evening service so we enjoyed going to church at Prairie Lakes and letting our kids go and play with their friends. I felt like a little kid sitting in church again though when we took communion. Looking back it was probably a poor choice that I decided to sit next to one of my best friends in church who is also doing the 7 experiment with us, I really should have an adult sit in between us to keep us from talking or laughing during inappropriate times during church. But we couldn't help but laugh when we drank the 20ml glass of grape juice thinking how rewarding it was to have a different taste!!! Seriously it was like candy for 2 seconds and both of us a course looking at each other just started laughing.

Then we came home and enjoyed the best meal yet of the 7 experiment......PIZZA!!!! Yep thats right we had a whole wheat crust pizza with Avocado spread for our sauce, chicken, apples, and red bell peppers and let me tell you it was amazing!!! Now I have to be honest we ate late so it was I was either really hungry or it was really good!! I would even consider eating it post 7 food experiment :)

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