Tuesday, August 21, 2012

2nd Day of Home Visits

I was blessed to have a great group of Nurses and Care workers to go on Home Visits with we had a lot of fun getting to know each other and walking lots of miles to visit the sick. Val and I started to come up with some big plans to get medical care to Susu more frequently, we even came up with some crazy ideas like contacting George W. Bush :) President Bush was recently in Zambia and opened a new clinic in Kabwe to help women and educate on cervical cancer. 

We also talked about our starting NFFA, Nurses and Families For Africa. Where we could bring our husbands and children to also help in Susu. The Husbands could build a clinic in Susu and our children could help serve food, play with the children etc......Sounds like a great Idea!! :) 

Like I said we walked lots of miles up hill in the heat we were probably a little exhausted, a little dehydrated, and a little delirious.....but we got BIG PLANS and we need our BIG GOD to help with these plans :)

On our 2nd day of home visits we were able to stop and see Grandma and Grandpa and their family again. Grandma did look a little better but still appeared weak. Again we prayed for her and visited with the family. 
Playing Games with Inez and teaching her high fives and fist pumps :)

Grandpa and Inez with our nursing group and awesome careworker Godwin! 

Praying with Grandma in her hut where she had blankets set up as her bed to lay on the ground.
I'm so in Love with this little Girl :)

We did visit another sick gentlemen this day and had a hard time telling him there was not a whole lot we were going to be able to do for him. He was complaining of losing his vision and was nearly blind. When we arrived it was clear that he had cataracts. It was very difficult to know this is easily treated in the United States with surgery but out in the bush village of Susu his vision will most likely just continue to get worse. He requested we return with an eye specialist....so if any one knows an eye specialist willing to travel to this wonderful village let me know!! His Wife was out doing work since he was unable to work in the fields anymore due to his vision. We prayed with him and we served in his home doing dishes to hopefully lighten the load for his wife when she returned home. 

After we returned from our walk and made it to the "main" part of the village we found the children from the feeding program playing games at the play yard. Our group was excited to jump right in with the children and join the fun. Since there is a little bit of a language barrier and most of them speak Bemba and just a little English it was fun trying to figure out the rules to their games!! :)

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