Monday, August 20, 2012

Building Relationships and visiting their homes in Susu

The first day of home visits was tough we went to see one family who were very ill. When we first arrived at their home we were there to check up on the Grandfather who had been sick but we soon realized the Grandmother was also very sick and had not eaten anything for 2-3 days. This couple is an amazing couple as they are caring for 3 orphaned grandchildren. Our group of 4 nurses quickly took out all of our snacks that we had taken for ourselves and gave them to the Grandmother to eat, we treated her for possible pneumonia and gave her antibiotics and pain/fever medication to try to help.It was a hard day for our group seeing someone so ill and knowing there was not a whole lot we could do. In the United States she would have been admitted to the hospital, we would have started IV antibiotics and we would have been able to do chest x-ray, lab test, and all the tests we have available to us. 
Instead we prayed and we did everything we could do to comfort the family. We went and collected water for the familly and I became quickly attached to this little girl in my picture Inez who is 4 years old she is one of the orphaned children. 

The second house we went to that day did not need any of our "nursing" skills but welcomed our help as we helped them do dishes and sweep. Doing dishes in a rural area with no running water and no Norwex to be heard of became quiet the experience!! As Blair states "Pintrest doesn't have anything on Africa!" They are truly resourceful and use everything they have available including dirt to scrub their pans :) 

Blair and Rosemary took on the job of sweeping. They did an awesome job getting all the leaves and sticks swept away from the homestead!

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