Friday, August 24, 2012

Our Last Day in Susu

The Last day in Susu I was able to go out and see Grandma again and check on how she was doing. She was sitting up and seemed much better, she even asked for some fried chicken :) It was so good to be able to see that maybe some of the medications and a lot of the prayers were working and she was feeling a lot better. 

Inez was her cute little self and excited to see us again. She was a lot less shy and came right up to me to talk and play games. 

We couldn't stay long because we had clinic that day so I needed to head back to help the other nurses assess all of the people that had come to see us.
 Clinic day was probably one of the hardest we were some what limited on the medications we had and could give yet there were so many that not necessarily needed the medication but wanted the medication. The reason is because Nurses for Africa is the only medical team to come to their village and we are only there for 6 days, and only 2 of those days are clinic days the rest of the year they are without medical care. Can you imagine?? Really think about when you have a sick child or you have a parent or grandparent that is sick.......Here we just call up the doctor make an appointment and usually seen pretty quickly and if it's an emergency we are seen immediately. They don't have that kind of access. So while we are there they want to stock pile they want the medication so it's available when they are sick. Can't blame them for that!! But with the limited resources we had it was emotionally draining. 

This little girl was one of my patients......she had the most beautiful smile!!
speaking of smiles it was kind of shocking to me to see how many of them had such great white teeth! They don't always have access to clean water let alone tooth brushes so how do they have such good teeth and here in America our teeth are so rotten, yellow, and we have to pay money for white pearly teeth?? 

Well when they eat, they have healthy food, natural food, and not all the candy, sugar, and pop like we do!

Everyone loved to see their pictures on the digital cameras!

This is Jayme our Hands at Work leader talking to Sharon. Sharon is a Grandaughter to the Grandparents We have been visiting in their home. Sharon I believe is in the 7th or 8th grade and was wanting paper and pens so she could work on her "test" I believe they need to take in order to graduate. I pray a lot for Sharon and hope that she is able to continue school. She is currently the oldest in her home and does most of the house work and getting water etc....since her Grandparents are so ill. 

I miss Susu dirt on my feet.........

Susu has forever left a footprint on my heart, and I will never be the same!

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