Friday, May 17, 2013

Out with the old in with the "New"

The warm weather has finally arrived and it looks like it is staying around!  So its that time of year to put away the winter clothes and bring in the summer clothes. 

Today I am thankful that we made one of our bedrooms a laundry room!! Its big and I have lots of room for all those totes and able to organize. Otherwise this is one of my least favorite tasks as a mom and if I was still stuck in the old basement doing this it probably wouldn't get done. We would probably just continue to live out of totes.

I am trying really hard to keep the laundry to a minimum so that Brandon won't have a ton to do while I am gone. (Or I won't have a TON to do when I get back) So this week has been spent washing, drying,  folding, and repeat. 

A tote for 5t winter, a tote for 4t winter and a tote of mostly random too small for anyone to wear next winter. Blakely is my chunk-a-munk who went from wearing 2t at the beginning of winter to 3t and on to 4t. I keep thinking all this running away out to the barn is going to thin her out but Hey the girl LOVES to eat!

I am also thankful my sister was able to get some awesome deals at garage sales this spring for Teagan and now we are all ready for SUMMER!!

Now if I can find someone to take all these totes back to the dungeon......

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