Sunday, June 9, 2013

Church in Susu

We had a wonderful day at church in Susu. We headed to the village at 8 and arrived at 9:30 into Susu. The road was still very rough and bumpy and I forgot how we built muscle from holding on, tighting our abs, and trying to stay "comfortable". We were excited to discover the villagers had built a new "bridge" so we didn't have to cross the water as much like we did last year. No worries of getting out and pushing the Van through the creek. Although we did hit a few spots I was afraid we would be pushing through the sand. We made it through and I was so excited to be back in Susu! We were greeted by pastor Sanday (pronunced Sunday) and his son Kenneth.  Bible study started right away and we began singing and dancing oh how I love church in Susu!! I might just have to start dancing in church on Sunday's :)
My sermon went well and I felt God telling me what to say and it was amazing to see one of the other nurses Megan spoke and so did Robyn our Hands at Work host. All of ours came together and really matched well  together about teaching about the true Jesus. We all had versus from 1 John and I spoke about being in the darkness and finding the light. God really lead the service and my anxiety was gone.

My favorite part of the service is when people came forward to ask for us to pray with them for all different reasons. I was able to pray for healing over a couple of small children with medical needs and pray for mother's as they care for their children.  Being a mom is hard work especially when you have very little. I will continue to pray for these mom's because there job is so important and I felt a special bond as a mother myself I know it takes patience and hard work even more so when you have a sick child.

Church ended 4 hours later and it was time to hear back to Kabwe where we were staying to prepare for the week.

1 John 1:7    But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another,  and the blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from all sin.

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