Saturday, November 19, 2011

Blakely's 1st Birthday

Brandon's Family was here to celebrate Blakely's 1st birthday! It is hard to believe that she is already 1, it really does go fast. Blakely's official birthday is Friday, November 25th but she got to have her birthday cake early :)

Can I really eat this mom??.........

Look at all those rolls :)........

Hey I think I will even use my foot......

I can even sit on my cake!!!!!!!!

The finished product.....YUMMY who wants some cake??

Blakely or "Blake" as we call her at one already shows a lot of determination. She will not put up with her sisters taking anything from her and she can hold her own!! She is a total mommy's girl, loves to be held (and of course it has to be a certain way), and while the first 3-4 months were rough she is now a pretty happy little girl. 

A special thanks to a few special people.....

Marissa: You are an amazing friend thank you so much for helping clean and get ready for the big day!! 

Andrea: Thank you so much again for making the cake it was amazing!!

Butch and Brenda A.K.A Grandpa and Grandma Sowers: Thank you for all the food you brought up for the Thanksgiving dinner. 

And thank you to everyone who came to help celebrate the big day. It turned out to be a wonderful party and it was so fun to see all 5 of the sowers granddaughters play :) 

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