Sunday, November 20, 2011

Christmas tree hunt

One of my favorite family traditions growing up as a kid was going to the Christmas tree farm every year and picking out the perfect tree and then watch my dad cut it down. I have a lot of good memories taking the old station wagon and having the perfect tree on top :) I also remember times of my brother pushing me into trees and snow I said great memories! 
Brandon and I have choose to continue this tradition with our kids evidently minus the brother thing :) We have found a very cute tree farm just south of us that is little but perfect size for our family. This year we were able to go out early and tag our tree that we want and then we will go  back on a later date to cut it down. 

We found the perfect tree for Christmas!!

And look how much these two little girls love each other :)
After our hunt we went for a Sunday drive while all 3 girls slept in the truck and I got to spend time just looking around at the beautiful country and talking to my husband!

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