Monday, November 21, 2011

Just a Dream

Last night I had the weirdest dream and it hit me at like 4 am. I'm writing this post more for my own reminder and journal but it might help others too. 

Ok so in my dream I had this brilliant idea about teaching the girls about snowflakes and how each snowflake is created by God and has it's own design. My idea was to put all kinds of different white socks into a basket and show the girls how the socks have a lot of similarities but every sock has something different about it that makes it unique. In my dream I thought this would be so easy because Brandon's socks all have at least one hole in them. (Yes I'm willing to buy Brandon new socks, but he refuses to let me throw the old ones away and continues to wear the ones with holes...) Anyways in my dream I had it all planned out and I just thought that  it was one of my best ideas ever for the activity for today. So still in my dream I call my mom and I tell her all about my idea and how excited I was and I thought it was seriously the best idea ever and really I was calling my mom looking for her approval and for her to tell me just what a wonderful idea it was........and that's not what happened. My mom told me how stupid I was and it was the dumbest idea she had ever heard and that was not the best way to teach the girls about snowflakes. (Remember this is just a dream) I was so heartbroken that my mom didn't give me the praise that I wanted so bad.

This is when I woke up, I look at the clock and its 4 am and that's when I felt like I had this serious heart to heart with God.......
There are times when I know my girls come to me with these great ideas that they think are just the most wonderful ideas and what they want so bad is for me to praise them and give them the approval they are looking for on this wonderful idea.
I know that there are times especially in my busy day that I just respond to the girls as if their ideas are stupid or that they don't matter because they are young and don't know whats best. I need to practice patience with the girls, to not get annoyed when their ideas are different then my own. To let them know how much I love them and give them the approval and praise they are looking for from their mom. 

Anyways that's my seriousness for the day and something I will strive to be better at! I know I won't be the perfect mom but I hope I get better everyday!! 

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